Important 2024 Sale Information

  • Each listing is for 1 tuber or 1 cutting. I grow all of my own dahlias and these are not imports. You are receiving an individual tuber of each variety you purchase that I have grown in my garden in the PNW.
  • Every tuber has been personally inspected by me and will have a visible and viable eye. A lot of the eyes are already peeking out and are ready to go. 

  • I spend a lot of time and devote great detail in sanitizing between varieties. Please check out my Sanitation Practices page for loads of information on this topic. I do my absolute best to make sure you are getting clean stock; gall and virus free. 

  • I will start shipping Monday, March 11th to locations that are consistently above freezing at night. If temperatures are consistently below freezing at your location and you would like your order shipped early, please choose the shipping option that includes a heat pack. I will personally check each order and if overnight temperatures are still freezing in your area I will not send out your package and will reach out to you if you have not purchased a heat pack.  If overnight temperatures are below 20° we need to wait a bit, even with the purchase of a heat pack. I will contact you to select a date to ship when safe. We don’t want these babies freezing in transit! For more information on shipping click here.
    • Yes, I will happily combine shipping. If you place a second order and your first order has not shipped please email me and I will refund you the second shipping charge. Unfortunately, if your first order has already been assigned a tracking number I will not be able to offer combined shipping on the second.
    • After you receive your tubers, open each individual paper bag and inspect the tuber. Leave the bags open and store them in a cool, dry place until you no longer have freezing temperatures at night and are ready to plant outside. Your new tubers have been in 68 degree temps waking up. Do not leave in an area that is below 40°. Dahlias do best when planted in soil that is an average of 60° Fahrenheit. Plant your tubers 4-5 inches deep. After you plant your tubers, do not water them until you see sprouts above the ground. If tubers get too wet before growing roots they will rot and die. Additionally, you will not want to plant them in dirt that is overly wet. Too much water is your enemy when planting fresh tubers. 
    • I want you to be 100% satisfied. If you have any questions, please reach out to me within the first week of receiving your order and I will work with you to make it right.
    Email me at: