Sanitization Practices

Hi there, I am so glad you’re here. If you are inquiring about my sanitization practices then you must care as much as I do when it comes to disease and viruses in your garden.

I take pride in ensuring great sanitary practices in every aspect of growing and storing our dahlias. Our garden is located at our home and we are not open to the public or florists for cutting blooms. I make sure between harvesting each variety that I clean my shears with a 10% bleach solution; same with pruning. When it comes time to divide tubers I use the same bleach solution to clean the area, shears and storage containers. After air drying for 24 hours I dip the crown and any open cuts in cinnamon and store them in bins according to variety. They are then kept around 40 degrees Fahrenheit & 70% humidity in vermiculite until they are ready to be inspected and begin the waking up process early Spring. I care for, divide and personally inspect each tuber from our garden. 

I treat my cuttings with the same sanitization practices. Each tuber utilized for cuttings is isolated in their own container and each variety has separate equipment for harvesting cuttings. This ensures the containment of any possible viruses found down the line.

I have never had any gall in my garden and cull hard for anything that looks suspicious for virus after providing adequate fertilization and pest control. I fertilize with organic fertilizers and use only local organic compost to amend my soil every Spring.